About us

The company started as a dream for the founder Mr. Sanjay Bawsay in the year 2000 to bring the best of medical care to this part of the world. After carving a highly successful career in marketing, spanning more than 20 years he set out to chase his dream to not only save lives but also improve quality of life of the patient. 

Sanjay has more than 40 years of expertise in the field of Biopharmaceutical & Diagnostics Marketing in India.

We are a small but unique marketing organization who have made a niche for ourselves. We pride in identifying the fundamental medical needs in the region and providing high quality biologicals, drugs & diagnostics.

The Company has 4 business verticals: 
1. Diagnostics : Marketing
2. Biopharmaceuticals : Blood Products & Vaccines (Marketing)
3. Cosmetics and skin care (Marketing through subsidiary)
4. Animal Sera [Manufacturing (through Subsidiary) and Marketing]           

Our aim is to partner with the best to provide the best along with bringing in innovation & solutions.